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The MICHELIN tire configurator not only allows you to know which tires are compatible with your car, but also to consult the inflation pressures provided by Michelin for information purposes. Indeed the best way to know the inflation pressure of your car is to look at the back of the gas door or at the driver's side door.


You will have to indicate each of the characteristics of your Renault in the columns provided for this purpose. Every detail is important. Indeed, in the Megane range, the same model may have different inflation pressures depending on the engine, for example. So be sure to indicate the exact characteristics of your car. If in doubt, contact your dealer for details.

Once this operation is completed, go back to the top of the page to see the Renault inflation pressures.

Note that some manufacturers offer specific tire mounts for the winter with inflation pressures different from those of the original mounts.

Consult the MICHELIN tire configurator for Renault and find the tire pressure of your Renault .

The pressures indicated above are only indicative. Please refer to your vehicle service guide or the information on the inside of the front doors of your vehicle.

Do not hesitate to contact the  Michelin Customer Service Center  or consult our  tire configurator  to find which MICHELIN tire is suitable for your vehicle.

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